Vintage Motorcar Craft Papers.

Vintage Motorcar Craft Papers.

This week we have more Vintage Motorcar craft papers for you to download and print. In addition to this we also have another set of Zodiac Papers plus more female Name templates.

We are still on a bit of a “go slow” as we continue to work on the Glass Painting site. We do however still intend to start releasing our “2018” papers in the not too distant future. In the meantime please remember we are still happy to receive suggestions for new dog papers, names and other papers in general. (We have already have some suggestions for new dog papers and we will also be releasing some dog pyramid papers in the near future).

Vintage Motorcar Craft Papers.

Another set of free Vintage Motorcar craft papers. This time the cars are yellow and once again different models from previous sets. It is a basic set so contains backing papers in various sizes plus tags, labels and insert sheets.

You can use these papers on their own if you wish but they will also go well with both the previous sets and the Vintage Car Pyramid papers we released the other week.


Vintage Motorcar Craft Papers.

Female Name Templates.

It’s been a little while but here are some more Female Name Card Templates and Stencils. For the first name, Bethan we have just added the Stencil, the Card Templates had already been release. The other names, Bethany, Brookly and Brianna have had both card templates and stencils added.

Each Card and Stencil is available in 3 different sizes.


Female Name Templates.


Virgo Zodiac Papers.

Our 8th set of Zodiac papers in this second collection. This time it’s for the Birth Sign Virgo.

It’s another basic set which can either be used on it’s own or together with the Virgo set from the first collection and/or the Virgo 3d Decoupage and pyramid papers.

Virgo Zodiac Papers.


Tiling Techniques

Tiling Techniques.

GIMP Graphics Program.

Every now and then we like to let you know about great free software which we think you might find useful. This week it’s the turn of GIMP, a remarkable powerful graphics program. I will say immediately that GIMP isn’t for the fainthearted or the beginner. It is a professional grade graphics program with a steep learning curve.

It has certain idiosyncrasies which will seem very strange at first but you will soon get used to them. You will go from “why on earth does it do that” to “Ah, thats really useful” in no time. For example, when ever you save an image it does it in GIMPs own native file type. To “Save” it as anything else you need to “Export” it. This seems really strange BUT you soon realise you are getting to save the best quality version of the image which other useful information in the file. It also means you don’t automatically overwrite your export version.

In addition to being a powerful program in it’s own right, GIMP also has a community which has produced 100s of plugins for it. The vastly increases it’s capabilities.

Read our full review HERE.

Download GIMP HERE. (available for Windows, macOS and Linux).



Well that brings us to the end of this weeks newsletter. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about the Paint.Net course we’ve been publishing. You can expect the next installment in a couple of weeks

Happy Crafting.

Yours, Bob.