Nativity Christmas Cross Stitch chart.

Nativity Christmas Cross Stitch chart.

Nativity Christmas (New Version).

Some of you may recognise this free Christmas chart. We have in fact already released exactly the same design. This was one of the very early charts we made so we have decided it needed an update.

In this new version the Nativity come in are now usual 4 counts: 14, 18, 25 and 32. It is also slightly larger than the last version. It has much cleaner lines and therefore a lower colour count. Finally the charts were quite difficult to read in the original version but in this free Nativity design the charts have been split into 9 sheets each making them much more readable.

Please note we have kept the original version of this nativity Cross stitch chart on the site for now, just in case someone is half way through it.

This is just one of a large number of Christmas themed charts you will find on the site.

The files required for this cross stitch chart are all in a single zip folder which you can download by clicking the link below.

Click Here to Download.